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    Pure Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey 750g Tin - Beauty and the Bees


    About The Tasmanian Honey Company

    From the ancient forests and gothic meadows of Tasmania come Tasmanian Honey Company’s fine honey – pure, beautifully packaged honey that are free of additives and unpleasant agricultural and industrial activities to ensure that the flavour and health benefits of the honey remain uncompromised.

    Product description:

    Tasmania Leatherwood Honey’s distinct flavors and aroma are brought by the fact that this type of honey is delicately gathered from beehives at the time of year when leatherwood trees bloom in the wilderness of Tasmania. Processed at a low temperature so it retains its natural qualities and piquant aroma.

    It has a soft and buttery texture that makes it easier to take a scoop and mix in tea, milk or any type of beverage.

    In the mountainous and inhospitable parts of Tasmania, summer comes and ends in a span of six to eight weeks. During this time, the leatherwood tree, Eucryphia Lucida, blooms annually with white delicate flowers. The bees visit the flowers to collect nectar and at almost the end of the season beekeepers would camp out in the wilderness to carefully extract honey from the beehives.

    •           GENUINE TASMANIAN LEATHERWOOD Honey 750g Empty Tin - £8.72 | PicClick UK
    • Product of Australia.
    • Comes in a reusable tin container.
    • One of the finest and the most sought after by honey connoisseurs around the world.

    New Zealand Customers
    Bee products are not allowed to be imported into New Zealand. We cannot stop you from ordering and not every order gets seized but it is of course at your own risk.

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      Tasmanian Honey-Leatherwood Honey (Tin) 750g – Maxi-Diskont

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        We see that you are interested in Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey Tin, 750 gr. That honey is shipped from Australia all over the world. Postage is 14.50 Euros, but if you really want that honey, you will get it for 15.50 Euros, and with postage it costs 29.95 Euros. You can send an order on the website
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