Pure Gold Manuka Honey 525+ MGO 250g with Manuka Honey and Propolis Tab x 60


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    Pure Gold Maunka Honey


    Pure Gold Manuka Honey is tested by an internationally accredited New Zealand Government approved laboratory for MGO (dietary methylglyoxal), the key component that endows Manuka honey with its unique properties. This honey complies to New Zealand MPI standards which identify this as genuine Manuka honey.

    Manufactured in New Zealand

    Manuka honey is farmed and harvested in the rural unpolluted pastures of New Zealand. The indigenous Maori population recognises the unique activity of Manuka Honey and has been using it for centuries.


    Pure Gold Premium Select Manuka Honey MGO 525 500g                       Manuka Honey and Propolis Chewable Tablets (60 Tablets)


    • PREMIUM QUALITY – all our hives are managed individually by a team of beekeepers to ensure the wellbeing of each colony. In addition, each hive has a GPS locator to ensure full traceability from hive to jar. Pure Gold Manuka honey is harvested during December and January when the Manuka flower is in bloom.
    • MGO – MGO stands for methylglyoxal, the unique component containing extraordinary properties of Manuka honey. The MGO system is becoming widely adopted and is considered to be the most precise reflection of the activity of Manuka honey. Each of our jars are branded with the MGO rating of the Manuka honey inside. The higher the number, the greater the strength.

                                         FAST SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FROM UK

                                   DELIVERY TAKE ESTIMATED 7 TO 11 WORKING DAYS


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