Manuka Health-Manuka Honey MGO 115+ 500g / 1.1 lb plus Gift Manuka Health Honey Drops Ginger Flavour


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    Was ist MGO?

    Product Description:

    Derived from the nectar of the flowers of the New Zealand native Leptospermum scoparium plant, MGO™ Manuka Honey is the only 100% natural food in the world shown to have unique properties due to exceptionally high levels of the naturally occurring compound, methylglyoxal.

    MGO™ 100+ Manuka Honey has been tested and is certified to contain at least 100 mg/kg of dietary methylglyoxal, a natural compound found in significant quantities in only some Manuka Honey produced from the wild, uncultivated manuka plant in New Zealand.





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    Discover Manuka Health’s special honey that’s extensively researched and recognised for its remarkable natural qualities!

    Best Manuka Honey Products For Your Health

      • Has a myriad of health-giving benefits such as immunity boosting, improving digestion, wound healing, promoting oral health.


      • Bee products adhere to rigorous quality standards.


    • Products are tested and guaranteed for purity and grade.



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    Manuka Health Manuka Honey MGO 115+ 250g | Natonic


    100% New Zealand MGO™ 100+ Manuka Honey

    **Not suitable for infants under 12 months.

    How to Use

    Take a teaspoon full of the honey, 30 minutes before a meal, 3 times daily. You can also mix the honey with warm water and drink it as a beverage.

    Intake can be increased if necessary.

    About MGO™ Manuka Honey

    Manuka Health MGO™ Manuka Honey is premium certified New Zealand Manuka honey you can trust. Sustainably sourced from their hives in remote pristine parts of New Zealand and perfected, tested and packed in their specialised honey facility. Their expert care at every step of the process, with the least possible interference, ensures their MGO™ Manuka Honey retains its unique natural properties and has the beautiful taste and smooth velvety texture that has made it a favourite all over the world.

    MGO™ Manuka Honey is tested and certified for MGO potency, purity and quality. Scientific evidence has confirmed methylglyoxal (MGO) as one of the key compounds naturally occurring in New Zealand manuka honey. All their honey is guaranteed 100% New Zealand origin – each pot can be traced right back to the beekeeper it came from.


    Manuka Health-Manuka Honey Drops Ginger & Lemon MGO

    400+ 15 Drops 65g


    A soothing and delicious candy with the health-giving properties of Manuka!


      • Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.


      • 100% Natural Ingredients


      • No Artificial Flavours or Colours


      • Gluten Free, Nut Free


    • Suitable for Vegetarians

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