Lanocreme-Manuka Honey Face Mask 5 Pack


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    Lanocrème-Manuka Honey Face Mask | Natonic

    A face mask that both nourishes and repair skin from damage!



      • Provides natural skin hydration and tightening effect.


      • Contains Manuka Honey that is known for its antibacterial properties.


    • Helps to promote overall good skin health.

    Product Description:

    Pollution, excessive sun exposure, dust and impurities, stress, improper skincare routine and unhealthy diet may make your face appear dark. Good thing, Lanocreme-Manuka Honey Face Mask is here to help.

    Lanocreme-Manuka Honey Face Mask contains a special combination of various components and the powerful Active Manuka Honey that has antibacterial properties which can help nourish and repair skin damage. Also included in the face mask are collagen and hyaluronic acid which are known to promote skin hydration and firmness.

    This face mask works by warming your skin, therefore opening the pores and enabling the potent natural ingredients to seep through, delivering optimum nutrition and benefit to your skin.

    So bid goodbye to a dull-looking face, Lanocreme-Manuka Honey Face Mask can help treat your skin, penetrate deep into your skin to repair and invigorate, leaving it healthier, softer and more radiant.

    Manuka Honey Face Mask Benefits - Manuka Honey For Skin

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