Golden Blossom Raw New Zealand Honey 3kg


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    New Zealand is known to have one of the most unique, most intriguingly exotic kinds of honey in the world. It has been acclaimed to have special honey even among the specialities.  This honey has an incredibly distinct and intense aroma of the woods, a malty, earthy flavour and obvious tangy notes.


    Golden Blossom New Zealand 3kg



    Serving size : 20g
    Avg qty
    per serving
    Avg qty
    per serving per 100g
    Protein0.1 g0.4 g
    Fat total0 g0 g
    –          saturated0 g0 g
    Carbohydrate15.9 g79.6 g
    –          sugars15.9 g79.6 g
    Sodium2.4 g12 g

    Daily values are based on 2000 calorie diet.

    Daily values may vary depending on diet.

    Not suitable for babies under 12 months.




    Health & Nutrition

    1Honey & Allergens
    Honey is a wholesome product created in a natural process by honey bees from the nectar of various flowers. Honey, when not fully processed, may contain residual proteins containing pollen from the plants the bees have visited. Proteins are associated with most true food allergies, and are found in peanuts, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish crustacea, tree nuts and wheat. Honey itself contains very little protein. The major components of honey are simple sugars.
    What is Organic Honey
    Organic honey must come from organic bees. Hives that have existing honey in them are forbidden to become organic. Organic honey must be produced from naturally foraging bee colonies that are located at least 2 miles (straight-line flight) from any source that could cause the honey to contain pesticides or herbicides. Within this 2 mile radius no pesticides or herbicides may be used, and must not have had any chemical application in the previous 3 years. Feeding of bees is prohibited. If feeding is necessary to prevent starvation, the honey produced is not organic. Hives need to have all of their parts (supers, queen excluders, etc.) numbered to prevent accidental use in non organic hives. All hive parts must be made of wood. Comb foundations must be made from organic beeswax. The extraction facility must be certified organic.

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