Biosota Organics-Manuka Honey + Turmeric and Cinnamon MGO 30+ 350g


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    Manuka Honey + Turmeric with a hint of cinnamon

    Is the perfect combo for a healthy morning start with so many great benefits it’s like drinking a cup of sunshine. Packed with delicious healthy goodness Biosota’s Manuka Honey + Turmeric can be enjoyed on toast or in a hot or cold drink.

                      Biosota™ Organics Pty Ltd

    INGREDIENTS:  Manuka honey 96% + tumeric 3% + cinnamon 1%

    Biosota’s Manuka Honey Superfood Range is a healthy treat containing natural ingredients that you can enjoy directly from the jar or as an addition to your favorite desserts, drinks or spread on toasts.

                                               Biosota™ Organics Pty Ltd

    Manuka Honey + Turmeric has many great benefits and can be enjoyed on toast or in a hot or cold drink. Ingredients Manuka honey 96% + turmeric 3% + cinnamon 1% MGO 30+

    Biosota Manuka Honey MGO 30+ with Turmeric & Cinnamon 350g - Whisk & Pin

    How to use:

    Can be added to your favorite drinks, foods or enjoy directly from the jar. Warning Should not be consumed by children age under 1 and people with allergy to honey.

    About Biosota

    Biosota is a third-generation family-owned business originally hailing from Europe who started beekeeping in the 1950s. The family established a new home in Australia in 1996 to combine its generations of expertise with the unique Australian environment to create Australian Manuka honey. A healthy treat that you can enjoy straight from the jar or added to your favourite food or drinks! 100% Premium healthy product. Boosts he body’s immune system. Rich in antioxidants. Has antibacterial properties.

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