Biosota Organics-Manuka Honey + Blueberries MGO 30+ 350g


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    Biosota™ Organics Pty Ltd

    Biosota Manuka Honey

    Biosota produces a wide range of high grade Manuka honey with greater amounts of methylglyoxal (MGO) and guaranteed to be certified 100% organic. Our MG0 30+ TO 830+ products provide the minimal antibacterial compounds for medicinal use and are great for daily use to provide general health maintenance.

    Our honey is raw and cold extracted with an exceptional taste and renowned properties that may enhance, protect and actively support the body’s own immune defences and provides better intestinal health. Manuka honey is also a rich source of amino acids, B vitamins, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, and zinc (just to name a few).

    Manuka honey can be used in a number of beauty treatments including skin moisturising, cleansing, as a gentle exfoliant and even to help treat acne and reduce redness, and is loaded in antioxidants that may help prevent cellular damage and loss within the brain. A 2011 study found a daily spoonful may boost postmenopausal women’s memory, which can provide an alternative therapy for the hormone-related intellectual decline.

    Biosota gathers honey from our bee farms that have been carefully chosen by certified apiarists for their unique locations in remote and pristine forests and national parks around Australia that have high concentrations of Leptospermum (Manuka or Tea) trees.


    Product Description

    Biosota’s Manuka Honey Superfood Range is a healthy treat containing natural ingredients that you can enjoy directly from the jar or as an addition to your favorite desserts, drinks or spread on toasts.

    Manuka Honey + Blueberries can be enjoyed as a spread ricotta on rice crackers, arrange sliced fruits on top, scatter chopped nuts. It also adds a punch to muffins or biscuits.


    Manuka honey 90% + dried blueberries 10%

    MGO 30+

    How to use:

    Can be added to your favorite drinks, foods or enjoy directly from the jar.


    Should not be consumed by children age under 1 and people with allergy to honey.

    About Biosota

    Biosota is a third-generation family-owned business originally hailing from Europe who started beekeeping in the 1950s. The family established a new home in Australia in 1996 to combine its generations of expertise with the unique Australian environment to create Australian Manuka honey.

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