Biosota Organic Exquisitely Unique Manuka Honey MGO 2000+ (70g)


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    Biosota™ Organics Pty Ltd



    Nature at its best

    Biosota’s MGO 2000+ is the highest-grade medicinal Manuka honey available on the market. To assure the quality and originality of each batch, it is rigorously tested in independently accredited laboratories.

    Nature occasionally, actually rarely, bestows upon us a gift so rare that it is sought for, praised, and, above all, a must-have experience. Just like pink diamonds, white truffles, or the midnight flowering orchid, Biosota Manuka honey MGO 2000+ is too unique.

    Our MGO 2000+ Manuka honey’s path from hive to you is a deliberate blend of nature and science, with as little human interference as possible, ensuring that its high grade and quality stay entirely intact.


    The main medicinal benefit of Biosota’s Australian Manuka honey MGO 2000+ is its potential antibacterial properties which can be extremely effective in wound dressing and healing, however, it provides many other potential well-being advantages, including gut health, immunity oral care, and health.


    Methylglyoxal (MGO) is the naturally occurring compound, providing antibacterial qualities that make Manuka honey extraordinary. The higher the MGO number, the more potent the honey. And this one is as potent as they come.


    Our highest grade Manuka honey is shown to have potentially powerful antibacterial properties, making it ideal to assist in treating wounds and fighting infections. Enhance and protect your body’s defense with the help of this edible luxury. The best way to use it is by enjoying a spoonful of this luxurious honey before food. We recommend consuming it at room temperature and not exposing it to any heat sources.

    What makes Biosota Manuka honey unique?

    All our Manuka honey is cold extracted and raw, kept at room temperature to guarantee all the good bacteria is maintained, and to deliver an exceptional taste and the renowned antibacterial properties that may enhance, protect, and actively support the body’s immune defences.
    BioSota Australian Manuka Honey

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