Biosota Certified Organic Manuka Honey (MGO 1717+) NPA 31+ 250 gr / Free Gift Manuka Honey (MGO 1717+) NPA 31+


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    Biosota™ Organics Pty Ltd


    Biosota’s MGO 1717+ is one of the highest-grade medicinal Manuka honey available on the market. It is 100% Australian certified organic and non-GMO certified. Every batch is passionately tested in three independent, accredited laboratories which conclude that this premium product has NPA 31+ (non-peroxide activity, equivalent to ULF 31+) and a level of MGO 1717+ mg/kg.

    We track our honey from hive to jar, to ensure its potency, purity, and quality because knowing exactly what is in each jar is part of the Biosota difference.



    highest mgo manuka honey




    With its warm amber color and aromatic flavor, our highest potency Manuka honey is a true superfood and a treat for the senses high in minerals, antioxidants, and bioflavonoids.

    Biosota Manuka honey is cold extracted, raw, and unheated to ensure exceptional results. Our MGO 1717+ comes from Leptospermum Whitei, which has a lower glucose and fructose ratio, so it remains liquid. This is in comparison to New Zealand Manuka, coming from Leptospermum Scoparium, which has a high glucose and fructose ratio and therefore crystallises easily.

    Achieving a high level of MGO in Manuka honey depends on two factors — the species of Leptospermum flowers as well as the production and storage process. Honey must mature for 12 months following the extraction and it is essential to do so at the right temperature. Maximum maturity of Manuka honey is accomplished when dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a chemical compound present in the nectar of Manuka flowers to varying degrees, converts to MGO. When the ratio becomes 1:1, the MGO has completed aging.



    Manuka Honey MGO 1717+

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      Certified Organic Manuka Honey (MGO 1717+) NPA 31+

      Violetglass Jar

    Premium gift medicinal highest strength mgo 1717 miron glass 500g handcrafted luxury gift Australian manuka honey



    Biosota™ Organics Pty Ltd Biosota™ Organics Pty Ltd  Biosota™ Organics Pty Ltd Biosota™ Organics Pty Ltd


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    The main medicinal benefit of Biosota’s Australian Manuka honey MGO 1717+ NPA/ULF 31+ is its potential antibacterial properties which can be extremely effective in wound dressing and healing, however, it provides many other potential well-being advantages, including gut health, immunity, oral care, and healthier skin.


    Our highest grade Manuka honey is shown to have potentially powerful antibacterial properties, making it ideal to assist in treating wounds and fighting infections. Enhance and protect your body’s defense with the help of this incredible natural superfood. Use it to sweeten your favourite drinks, in baking and cooking, to make salad dressings and sauces, for homemade skincare, or in an old-fashioned way — by eating a spoonful of this delicate goodness.


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